February 7th, 2013

nf - Socks and Shoes
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Day 7 - Women and Athletics

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Since 2006, 14 Valentines has striven to both celebrate how far women have come, and to increase awareness for how far we still have to go for full equality, autonomy, and inclusion.


While women have a keen interest in participating in sports, it's very clear that society places more value on male sports endeavors.

Girl's sports were so underfunded, and given such a back seat to boy's sports, that Title IX came into being to force schools to provide equal funding and resources to girl's sports. Women's professional sports leagues receive far less attention and attendance that comparable men's leagues, and there is a huge wage gap between professional male and female athletes.

This is especially upsetting because it's well known that sports involvement helps groom people for leadership roles, and provides a number of other skills that are highly valued and crucial in employment and other aspects of life. And yet, when women's participation in sports is reduced to being the butts of jokes, so too are the skills they gain through such participation undervalued.

The Women's Sports Foundation has a number of programs to fight against this inequity, as well as research on women in sports.